Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back linking your own blog man? That is low.

So a little while ago I picked up a netbook I am sure I mentioned it in a previous post but I find myself far too lazy to go back into my blog and see which one it is and backlink to it. Tut I suppose I should but nevermind. Anyway this is just to rant at the crazy money grabbing ideas of Microsoft they shipped this particular netbook and seemingly most other models that come with a Windows product with this thing they call Windows 7 Starter Edition.
I like to think of it as Windows 7 Retarded Edition. I’m not as young as I once was and I can remember being stuck on a Windows for Workgroups network while in High School after moving to the UK and one of the things that always annoyed me (once I became familiar with computers) was the fact you couldn’t personalise. Now imagine that on your shiny new netbook an unspecified number of years later you can’t even change your background. It feels like a bad Windows 95 installation as you go through the weird style navigation, I call it weird because I stuck with XP so it may be similar to Vista I am not sure.
I think I discussed a way of dealing with this unfortunate turn of events HERE. Looks like I will be back-linking after all. I was working on the netbook and for whatever reason I started thinking about this again oh well.

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