Thursday, August 5, 2010

What am I good at???

I find myself asking this question a lot recently I am hitting the proverbial brick wall in terms of my attempts at job applications. I think the lack of degree is killing me out there unfortunately it is very much an employers’ market so I’m a little bit screwed. Recently I have been thinking about striking out on my own setting up some kind of business or at least something that might help bolster my rather flagging CV having been out of employment for so long.

I have looked up people from my past school friends and what not and a lot of them have flourished starting up businesses that are now successful and going along well or holding down jobs that pay pretty well even back in Antigua where I thought I might have struggled to find work after finishing up my education. Now that I have moved to the UK I find myself wondering is there so much more opportunity here? Especially when I weigh the significant health costs to me of living here. Unfortunately that is a largely academic as I can’t just up and leave now.

So I do have skills but are they the kind that will allow me to support myself through some kind of business venture. Mainly office skills and all the stuff I picked up in event management and budgets and what not. I also love English and writing stories but I am not sure how that can translate into a business.
So keep your eyes on this and let us see what develops.

One idea I keep wrestling with is if I should start a UK TV Scifi Blog that talks about the all the scifi, fantasy and paranormal shows that we get to see, I think it should be UK specific because we get screwed and have to wait so long for shows to reach us.

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