Friday, March 2, 2012


Comic Book Men the story of Kevin Smith's comic store in New Jersey, Jay and Silent Bob's Silent Stash. I've been checking this out and it is a lot of fun seemingly based on a podcast by the look of the pilot. It is just a bunch of guys sitting around talking about comics. Plus you get people coming in selling or trying to sell their comics. Definitely worth a watch.

Totally by chance I decided to take a chance on a movie called Triple Dog, great film the review should be up on the blog in the not too distance future. I noticed it through IMDB when I was looking up information on Janel Parrish who I had seen on Pretty Little Liars might no.1 guilty pleasure.

Other things currently on my mind are a lack of of full time jobs I am seeing a lot of jobs offering hours under 26 hours which for anyone living by themselves would be totally unworkable. It seems that is an effect of the current economic climate but it just doesn't seem fair to me, hard enough finding a job when you have to filter out nearly half of them because they don't pay enough.

Anyway I hope things are going well for my readers no one likes stress oh and before I forget I am trying my best to finish a new short story and really get back into writing again, yes outside of NANOWRIMO because I really want it to be a proper hobby and I want at the end of the year to be able to point to at least two five thousand word short stories that I think don't suck written by yours truly. Perhaps with a girl nom-de-plume if that is how you right it.


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