Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TV SHOWS - The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex is a Canadian drama series chronicling the lives of six sexy young performers living in an apartment block all trying their best to realise their dreams of stardom. We follow the ups and downs in their lives as things don’t work out as planned as they attend acting auditions, comedy gigs and work in the studio.

The show has been picked up by the CW in the US and is shown on MuchMusic in Canada. The first season consists of 6 episodes each lasting 45 minutes in duration.

How to describe the L.A. Complex? I will start by saying it was one of the best series I have seen, it is equal parts compelling and gritty. I hesitate to use the word gritty with its sometimes negative consequences but that is what it is, a lot of shows aimed at the teen/young adult market will show sometimes show the more negative aspects of life, drink drugs etc but the LA Complex pulls no punches and shows us exactly how dark things can be.

It just feels more realistic than other shows in the genre. The acting is incredible and the storylines excellent. I really wasn’t sure when I started that I would be a fan it was more a referral from one of the stars of the show combined with the fact that two of my favourite shows of the past couple years were Canadian made (Lost girl and Endgame if you were wondering). I was impressed by what I saw characters with depth, something which was apparent even in the first episode which is rare.

Another thing that this show doesn’t shy away from is controversy I think there is a fair amount in here that Hollywood wouldn’t be overly enamored with. The idea of a gay hip hop star was not something that I thought of but is definitely something that would cause a stir much like the fact that there has only been one professional footballer in the UK to come out as being gay. The spectre of mental health issues is interestingly handled but more alluded to than anything else.

So to sum up, should you watch The L.A. Complex? Yes I think you will find a lot more than you bargained for with a story that goes a lot deeper than most shows that you may be tempted to compare this with. Should it come back for a second series, hell yes if the networks on both sides of the border know what is good for them then we will see more of this engaging series.

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