Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is it ok just to like a celebrity for their looks?

I was thinking the other day as I was watching an episode of Psych and saw Sarah Shahi on it as Gus’s new potential homicidal love interest. Now somewhat against the subject of my article I do actually like Shahi’s work which in my case is her stint on Life as the partner of Damian Lewis’ character. I loved that show and I really liked her on it as the long suffering partner. What surprised me was that she looked totally different on Psych and I could barely stop checking her out. Later I realised that is to be expected as she is meant to be eye candy.

Psych seems to be very good at making the average guy like me take various actresses seriously as a piece of eye candy but the whole thing got me thinking about in the world of celebrity and the internet and whether or not looks alone is a reason to take an active interest in a celebrity. After all you can now become a fan of your celeb on Facebook or follow their ramblings on Twitter does it need to be more than lusting after their near perfect form.

But what is wrong with just looking at a celebrity with no prior interest in their body of work so to speak. If there weren’t people who just liked a pretty face (male or female) Maxim, FHM and the rest would have some serious circulation issues. There is an argument that an actress’ appearance in a men’s magazine may prove to be a boom for their careers but there is another chance that it may damage their career in terms of how they are viewed, less of an artist and more an object.

In the end I can’t decide whether or not shallowly lusting after celebrities is ok or not so I will leave it to you out there to make it your own choice. Your thoughts as always are welcome.

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