Saturday, March 10, 2012

So I have been checking out a couple of new shows recently one of which has received a fair amount of buzz. Fairly Legal is a new legal drama starring Sarah Shahi which is just coming around for its second season. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy this but after a few episodes it is definitely growing on me, in general terms it is a legal drama but it is based around a former lawyer turned mediator. This is a giant leap from her character on Life which is where I first saw her. The show also features Michael Trucco whom you may recognise from Battlestar Galactica. So if you want something a little more serious than Ally McBeal and have been missing your legal fix ever since then give this ago though I should warn you no one has sung so far.

The other show I have started is the Iron Man Anime which is part of a set of sorts including X-Men and Blade. I have watched the X-Men series and was very much underwhelmed by it but I thought given how different the two titles are perhaps there might be something worth checking out in it. I was right by my reckoning Iron Man Anime is a superior series to X-Men. Definitely worth checking out. Oh and one Senator Nathan Petrelli provides the voice of Tony Stark.

So those are two shows that you might like.

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