Saturday, March 3, 2012

World of Warcraft - How I Make MY Gold

Worth a post to quickly sketch out the things I have been doing recently to make money on my new server. First you should know that I only have one level 85 and the next highest character just got to 65 so in my case fun things like the obsidium shuffle are out.

  1. Savage Leather. In my opinion the first character you get to 85 should be a skinner it jut makes dollars and sense, or silver and gold in this case. On my server prices of Savage Leather are pretty static with them going for 110-130 a stack most of the time which is easy money. I tend to farm in Tol Barad from the spiders or gators while waiting for LFR or a random dungeon to pop. You could also try questing in the underwater zone as so much there is skinnable and pretty fast to kill. 
  2. Frostweave Cloth. Found this out as I was both collecting it for my tailor who is level 65 and about to burn through them and also because I am going for the Crusader title so spending a lot of time in Icecrown. If you're not using the cloth yourself I have been able to sell them for 80g a stack.
  3. Enchant materials. I have a Tailor/Enchanter so levelling one makes for a lot of enchant materials, more than you will need just because of the utterly annoying way that enchanting requires the more rare of essences and random weird white items to level once you get past 150. I found illusion dust to be a good seller.
And that is pretty much it do to the lack of professions when I was levelling my first character on this server to 85. Still by the end of things I managed to get to 10k by the time I managed to make my character eligible for LFR and that was with a decent amount of investing into gear and enchants so I would not disgrace myself.

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