Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just some random thoughts

So on my random romp around the Internet I found this and I thought, "Hmm weird but kinda cool". Yup those were my thoughts verbatim I think someone was recording them. So take a look and see what you think.

I found it totally randomly mainly because I was trying to figure out what thing Jaime had mentioned on her Twitter feed. Other than that I just checked out a sxephil show on YouTube which made reference to Christina Hendricks who is a hottie and a redhead which is a bonus for me.

Taking an enforced WoW break due to my poor financial planning certainly have no one else to blame. Still it might be for the best if the guild raid today was anything to go buy it all went to hell after half an hour of raiding which is pathetic true it was the first step up from 10 to 25 man TOTC but still we have all done it before on many occaisons so the change over should not have been that hard.

In other news I've been listening to Free Talk Live a lot recently a different view from the normal it is true but often it does make me cringe some of the things that the hosts come out with. Still it is a very popular podcast according to podcast alley.

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