Monday, October 26, 2009

More than a month huh

Crazy stuff really especially with all this controversy on British television, Antoine Du Beke using the P word, Dannii Minogue dropping a clanger on X-Factor and Nick Griffin getting time on Question Time oh and don't forget about Jan Moir and that dodgy article she wrote about Stephen Gately.

I had a plenty to say about all those things at the time but not I just feel it is in the past and there are lighter things to speak of no point in kicking off with all that stuff. I will say that the BBC coverage which I tend to see through BBC radio Five Live is starting to wind me up just the way the presenters question people they ask them the question that the interviewee just answered previously. It just promotes that please slap them response within me.

In other news it will be November soon and yes that means I will be trying Nanowrimo again it is a lot of fun. Not sure how far I will get with my heavy WoW schedule to be honest but it will be nice to form a new story and let my imagination run wild.

Twitter - I've been far more regular on that at the moment I fear I am falling for all the hype and it is a nice way to follow celebs though in my case they tend to be Internet Celebs - the best kind if you ask me.

For all you TV peeps Dollhouse starts tonight on IT4 just before Sanctuary's 3rd episode of the new season. Sanctuary is pretty good at the moment not sure where it will go from here but I am eager to see more. Heroes will be on the BBC next year which sucks to be perfectly honest as the viewing figures will be terrible. Most sci-fi fans will opt to watch in other ways instead of being 8 or so episodes behind the US and trying to dodge the Internet spoilers. Of course it must be more expensive then say Sanctuary was to pick up but you have to spend money if you want the ratings.

That is all I care to say for now.

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