Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I feel like making blog to you

World of Warcraft
Fun fun people it is Darkmoon week and here is yours truly trying to farm up mats for Darkmoon cards to give to inscribers. Yes I could try buying cards but I am already up to 6 of 8 Noble cards. To be honest all the gold farming that bought me the initial cards drove me up the wall and now I guess I am less than enthusiastic about playing. Also it seems pretty hard to break into the raid group of my guild at the moment it seems my less rigidly structured schedule is to my detriment.

TV stuff

Star Trek: Voyager
Just watched Critical Care an episode devoted to the Doctor of which there have been a few. This one was interesting though and showed the Doctor to me being as dark as he was during a very early episode when he was with Kes and a quest to get a name and personality resulted in a Jekyll and Hyde condition.

I am glad I took a chance on this when it came to Sky Three I left it alone as a pilot way back when because one, it sounded like a bad Quantum Leap ripoff and QL was one of my favourite TV shows back in the day and two, any fool could see that it wasn’t going to be renewed. Still it is an engaging story and I have enjoyed the show so far but compare it to say Surface or Threshold two shows cancelled well before their time and it can’t hold a candle to them.

Veronica Mars
This show is weird it is pretty much unlike any teen drama I have seen before. I didn’t like Kristen Bell in Heroes all that much but I think that is because her character was written so incredibly badly that no one was going to come out of it well. In Veronica Mars, Kristen’s character is extremely unlikeable but you still watch, yeah the token black character is a little annoying but it seems a shame to me that the show died after 3 seasons when Smallville has been sucky for so long but then I guess Smallville brings a lot of geeks to show like me who won’t stop watching no matter how bad things get.

Other stuff
Well still experiencing the joy of a duff economy i.e. currently unemployed. I find myself more and more wanting to start writing to get warmed up for nanowrimo not sure what story to commit on though I keep wavering. Some of the time I think a fighting story based around a school or college like manga or a more interesting story about a sociopath.

Tell you what though the one thing I can say for sure is I AM SO BORED IN MY LIFE AND I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE. So sod this I am off to apply for some jobs.

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