Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So I was Thinking About Stuff

So there is this conversation going on at Hypable regarding that scene in Star Trek Into Darkness. You can read it here

It certainly divides opinion in ways I was not expecting but then everyone is different. Just thought that was worth mentioning. In other news there is an interview this week for a job with some interesting hours something that I could really sink my teeth into while at the same time not being too challenging for someone who has been out of the hunt for as long as I have.

I sometimes if I am always contrary or looking to stir things up but when I really look at things I am reasonably I am not, there are shows and books that I am completely over the moon about like Morganville Vampires, Continuum and Defiance but so often in the past shows I like get cancelled which then leads me to being so tough on the shows that seem to skate through while treating the audience as if they are idiots.

There is a new patch on Wednesday which I think will prove interesting at least for awhile it should do as the powers that be were probably aware through at least half of it that the numbers were down and that things needed to change.

I can't let today pass without talking at least a little about XBox One I watched a little of the conference maybe half an hour's worth but it really was just a lot of technical talk and a lot of talk about anything OTHER than gaming which is understandable when you look at the XBox 360 and the fact that streaming is a HUGE part of XBox Live.

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