Friday, May 31, 2013

FILM REVIEW: Last Kind Words

Last Kind Words is a 2012 Mystery/Thriller film directed by Kevin Barker and starring Brad Dourif, Spencer Daniels and Alexia Fast. It was released on the 24th March 2012.


17-year-old Eli has just moved with his family deep into the backwoods of Kentucky to work on the isolated farm of a local recluse. Inexplicably drawn into the strange forest that lies beyond the farm, Eli encounters the beautiful, sweet and mysterious Amanda, seemingly the perfect girl. But with the discovery of decaying bodies hanging from the trees, he realizes that the forest - and Amanda - are harboring some very dark secrets. Suddenly, Eli is living in a waking nightmare where the lines between life and death are scrawled in blood, and there is no escaping the terror from beyond the grave. [taken from IMDB].


I have been following Alexia Fast since I saw her when I took a chance on Triple Dog (which is AWESOME). I saw her on this when I looked it up on IMDB and decided that there are worse ways to spend an evening especially if you have a thing for redheads.


Well I have to say I was not sure what to expect as anyone who does IMDB surfing from time to time even when they look at films they know realise that the descriptions can either be cryptic or just plain wrong. In the end this one actually keeps pretty close to the description which thankfully leaves enough to the imagination to allow you to keep interested in the things that are going on.

The acting is fine and doesn’t pull you out of the moment with awkwardness the plot is pretty dark and just gets darker when you start with an abusive alcoholic and go from there to finding dead bodies but even with all that stuff there is a touching story too which I will leave for you to find.

For fans of old school horror there is the always good for a creepy guy role, Brad Dourif and for most of the rest of us there is Alexia Fast who I last saw in a small part in The Secret Circle which only ran for a season. Those are the big names involved with this particular project.

I certainly won’t be spoiling the ending but for me I will just say I was a little taken aback by the ending. That is all you will get nothing more from me on that. So in closing I would say that the film is worth a lot but know you what you are letting yourself in for a dark tale that just gets darker.

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