Monday, May 27, 2013


So I thought I would write about my job search process because it is getting that time of the year when jobs at least in my sector start to dry up.

My background and desired work is in administration, I am also interested in working in HE and FE. Hmm what else, oh I have a current up to date CV that I got written up with the help of a recruitment agency.

Moving on I surf through several job portals to look for relevant work I have listed some but certainly not all of them below:
So there they are and they each have their uses Indeed is adequate for searching for all jobs (not just admin) in the local area which most other places wouldn't have it is also good for catching things like schools advertising for non-teaching roles. To sum it up think of it as a Universal Job Match that actually just about works instead of stealing your data.

NHS Jobs doesn't really need an explanation other to add that there is actually a fair amount of office work always available there the problem tend to arise from the part time nature of it. Prime Appointments is good quality but due to the fact that it is based on a region means that there is a finite pool of jobs to look at.

NUS Connect couldn't be more specialist in that it is jobs from the student movement from all over the UK of course as they are only jobs from Universities and Colleges there are even fewer within a commutable distance. a great site that always gives me some decent prospects to look through as it basically lists all the HE/FE related non-teaching jobs.

That is enough for now so you can go check those out to see if they offer up any opportunities for you.

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