Saturday, May 4, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Clockwork Princess By Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess is the third and final book in the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. It was published on the 19th of March 2013 by Walker and the ISBN is 1406330396. I purchased this book.
Cassandra Clare is better known as the author of The Mortal Devices series which has recently been turned into a film franchise; both series occupy the same universe with the events chronicles in the Infernal Devices having happened over a century before.


If the only way to save the world was to destroy what you loved most, would you do it? The clock is ticking. Everyone must choose. Passion. Power. Secrets. Enchantment. Danger closes in around the Shadowhunters in the third and final instalment of the bestselling Infernal Devices trilogy.


I bought Clockwork Angel on a whim and was rewarded with an engaging story with an interesting twist. Once I had finished that first book there was no doubt that I would be following the series to its conclusion.


I was late to the party with the whole Cassandra Clare thing. Of course I knew about her and The Mortal Instruments especially the whole trilogy being extended due to the runaway success of the first few books. Even as I was about to start this review people keep telling me to read the Mortal Instruments but it is just not for me. 

The reason I chose The Infernal Devices is at the time it made a change from my normal YA and the setting reminded me a little of Sherlock Holmes story plus the British setting is a hell of a change.
Clockwork Princess is the finale of the Infernal Devices trilogy and had a lot of things to tie up. Did it manage to do things well? It managed to do things excellently and I never had that feeling which all too often occurs when reading YA that one knows exactly where the plot is heading and that for me is a big plus.

Finally we have all of Tessa’s origins revealed which felt like a huge load off my mind I had been racking my brain especially with all the tiny slivers of hints over the past two books. Also I can’t really talk about this book without examining the central love triangle; the way it is handled is beautiful and touching. Other YA books should take note on how the triangle is handled it is elegant.

There is not much I can say about what goes on without it getting into spoilers so suffice it to say that this is the best trilogy that I can bring to mind at the moment and the books go flow together smoothly and the ending, definitely did not see that coming in anyway shape or form and it blew me away.

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