Monday, March 11, 2013

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2

The patch was painless to install though I have seen some lag spikes that according to that handy little Blizzard app is coming from the servers. This is just a patch thing as after a patch everyone tends to log in to get reacquainted with the game and to decry all the things Evil Blizzard has done to their class.

The farm ownership thing is pretty good  for me it is obviously about the work orders which allowed me to finally do the last push on the Dominance Offensive (more on DO later) to me it provides enough of a boost to make going back to MOP factions a little less painful. With the help of the farm and dungeon rep boost I am exalted with DO and Klaxxi on my new main, still got a lot of Shado Pan and Golden Lotus to be getting on with though.

Thunder Isle or whatever it is called like all major quest hubs is a bit of a problem when you’re on the wrong side of a faction imbalance add to that the fact that the mob respawn rate is insane and I am very glad I am doing this on a Hunter which makes things interesting but not impossible.

The quest experience on Thunder Isle is pretty fun lore wise especially when taken back to back with the end of the Dominance Offensive fallout. It is DEFINITELY going to get repetitive by next week but that is the way that Blizzard likes it, with the bonus to the rep gains hopefully it won’t take too long.

I don’t know much about the class changes as I have only really been using my hunter but they look interesting and I have been doing a lot of reading on MMO Champion. 

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