Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on the Excitement that is Moi!

Interview Shminterview

So I had an interview today which apparently went well enough that I got a call this evening saying that the panel could not make a decision about who they should choose. The interview process itself  was one of the strangest I have ever participated in. the whole thing. For some reason they chose to have everyone do the task at the same time which then meant hanging around for 3 hours while we each went through the interview process I feel sorry for the last person to go as her interview was an hour late meaning she had 6 hours at the interview.

Oh well we shall have to see what happens tomorrow as I wait for the call and do some cleaning.

Patch Day Paradise

So Patch 5.2 dropped for World of Warcraft called The Thunder King and seemingly NOTHING went wrong EU side. This morning before the interview I patched my game in less than 15 minutes and it was fine then came back and played this evening. The new area is interesting but no flying so a lovely gank fest as there are a lot more Alliance than Horde on this realm but unfortunately that is just how it is.

Also now you have more routes to getting some rep for whatever faction you wish to champion so dailies are a little less painful which is gratefully appreciated. So how are you doing with the new patch.

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