Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is just a quick probably one off article where I talk about 3 shows I’m watching that have let me down and 3 shows that continue to hit the heights of entertainment. If you want to learn more about popular shows you can check out Hypable you might even find a few of my articles there.


The Vampire Diaries

I love the Vampire Diaries but lately things have been getting a little lax. The Cure storyline combined with this Sire Bond nonsense is really making me re-evaluate watching this show. It used to be fun even though I wasn't huge on the Stefan, Damon and Elena shipfest the other plotlines kept me intrigued and characters like Katherine, Anna and Alaric gave me more than enough reason to watch. That thought brings me to April – WHAT THE FRACK? Come on I hate to go on about her seeming uselessness especially as perhaps the wonderful actress who plays her my think it reflects somehow on her, which it does not. It feels like the writers introduced a character to basically do a Dawn from Buffy but neglected to write in anything that might make us remotely interested in her before the big reveal. Anyway I could write an essay on this so it is time to move on.

Zero Hour

This show had absolutely no marketing campaign behind it seemingly, don’t get me wrong one thing sure to annoy the crap out of me is six months of endless promos and marketing which basically ruin the first four or five episodes in a new show or season but we all like to at least know a new show is coming  in order to foolishly draw conclusions.

The premise of the show is best understood after dropping acid but for all you drug free types out there let us go with it being a massive religious conspiracy theory with possible fantasy aspects. It is interesting to see Anthony Edwards in a lead role and as soon as he is onscreen you realise why he was so awesome on ER. Unfortunately one great actor cannot save a show or 666 Park Avenue might have managed a season with two great actors.
It managed to get itself cancelled after just two episodes partly I think because they didn’t publicise it and partly because the show is a VERY hard sell given how unique it is (what do you mean there are no hot vampires).


2nd Seasons can be a real bitch. That is the only thing I can chalk up as the reason Revenge went from a solid 9 to a questionable 5 almost overnight. The show used to leave me on the edge of my seat but now it seems to have run out of steam, the closest comparison I can make is to Prison Break an awesome show that just went on way too long and got progressively more ridiculous.

I really don’t know what to do with this particular show but it definitely needs to step things up or it is going to lose all the goodwill it got from the first season.


Pretty Little Liars

This show just goes from strength to strength perhaps my favourite guilty pleasure; at first glance it is easy to miss how in depth this show is how many threads run through the show over the seasons that just drop in and out almost without you noticing until the big payoff. The finale is coming up soon and I can’t wait though I have no idea how I am going to deal with the PLL withdrawal.

House Of Cards

I heard so much about this Netflix show I thought maybe it was all hype but then I watched the first episode and was totally blown away. Whoever said politics is boring needs to check this out, the show is slick and pulls you in immediately. Francis Underwood is larger than life and you can’t help but like him even though you know he is going to end up being less than scrupulous.


It is a crazy show that shouldn't work but somehow it does. At first I looked at it and thought that the show was asking too much of its viewers but I kept watching and I have a fair idea that others are doing much the same. I mean a show about a show about a cult, how does that even work. Matthew Davis is great as the lead and definitely stands out as a man searching for his brother.

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