Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just An Update

Things are moving slowly but I can’t say I have much to show for it. Still clearing quite a few job applications though now I have been warned that they cannot be all administration jobs “because you’re not getting them”. Yeah apparently getting a number of interviews in this economy is just not good enough and instead my time would be better spent applying for jobs for which I have no previous experience. It is not like I have a choice so I am just going with the flow.

The other side of this argument so to speak is my ongoing complaint with SEETEC, the complaint I made add which has been ongoing since January. Somehow they managed to lose my first complaint and they have not responded to the e-mailed complaint after 30 days (the second time I sent it). So now I am in an awkward position according to Independent Case Examiner I seemingly HAVE to receive a response I am unhappy with to my complaint it doesn’t say anything about an agency failing to respond. When you think about it that seems like a rather large flaw in their procedures doesn’t it? Well I should be making a call to ICE tomorrow to check up on things to make sure.

Other than that things are puttering along slowly and there is not a lot to report other than one new Word Press project that I have been working on. It is just something to help me get familiar with WP as an interface which I think might be useful in the future (you never know). You canhave a look here and I will add a link when it is properly ready.

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