Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Should Watch This

So I have been adventuring around the world of the Interweb and I have found for you. Obviously I did not do all the work and I link where necessary. Now onto the fun the first thing I will be discussing which is the new HYPE Podcast by Andrew Sims and Ben Schoen. You may know these guys from MuggleCast one of the biggest Harry Potter podcasts in the world. It is a podcast all about pop culture and is definitely worth a listen. I've checked out the first two episodes which leads into the next subject.

There is a lot of... well hype around one Sam Tsui on YouTube

So I chose this as one of the standout performances from this guy. He's already been on Ellen which helped out that kid who did the Paparazzi cover to a record deal so who knows. I for one think he would be awesome in Glee.

And what is this yet another YouTube vid, well yes but it is a good one so give me a little leeway. We all know about lightsaber fights indeed the last one I had cause to watch featured Harry Shum Jr. of Glee fame this video though takes things in a slightly different direction so take a look.

There we go folks that is all for now. Have a good week. I am off to write a story based on a dream.

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