Friday, January 14, 2011


So this is more than a bit late so I apologise. In other news my DK who has now become my unofficial main is now at 85. So now the fun and games of gearing up takes place and I am slowly inching my way to the heroic dungeon content but still need like 7 or 8 ilvl points before that becomes a reality and really from all that I have read I think I will be taking my time before embarrassing myself.
In other news I am keeping my bankroll constant while slowly levelling my professions at the moment I am concentrating on Enchanting and Alchemy while also buying up cheap ore to at least start the process in Jewelcrafting.

Not a lot more to say other than that I think I am going to ease down my World of Warcraft playing time and devote myself to my other pursuits like this lovely blog for instance. Good luck to the rest of you adventurers.
UPDATE: 7 or 8 ilvl points is now a measely 2 but I refuse to pay 500g just for an upgrade to get into heroics so I will be spending my time farming rep and getting gold from doing quests at maximum level.

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