Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warcraft Wednesday

Dunno if this will become regular but I thought a quick roundup of what has been happening on my realm on the foolishly addictive MMO World of Warcraft.

[Jeeves my good man!]

So I have a Hunter with Engineering and I decided that I wanted to get Jeeves so I could be that helpful guy that allows everyone to get all repaired after oodles of wipes in the new Cataclysm dungeons and just because I like to collect stuff like this. I knew just from reading up on Jeeves that it is a bit of an involved process to acquire little did I realise how involved it was. I have one word for you and that word is Khorium. Grrr even writing it makes my pulse beat faster and the beginnings of a headache begin to form.

Khorium bars on my server are going for 200g each on the AH and 3 hours of farming in Nagrand netted me no Khorium ore whatsoever and there is none on the AH either. This is the same cockblock that means even as an engineer on about 460 now post all this I still don’t have my Turbo Charged Flying Machine.
Well after a couple of weeks hunting on the AH like a deadly umm shark or something I managed to get my hands on some Khorium Power Cores, they weren’t cheap but they didn’t leave me quite as violated as 200g a bar would have. Tonight I managed to craft Jeeves while buying up cheap ilvl 289 gear and crafting rings and trinkets to get my newly dinged hunter into Cataclysm.

[Auction House or “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em]

My AH work is going pretty well I estimate I am probably clearing a 1k a week averaged out. I have been trying to vary things especially since things have gone quiet on my stock of glyphs so I have been trying the following with some success.

-          Enchant mats, the ones I created as I levelled my enchant in Cataclysm
-          > Vanity pets, bought from Dalaran and resold for reasonable profits
-          > Vanity pets, acquired from the tournament
-          > Rings crafted from levelling Jewelcrafting the random hessonite ones
-          > Abyssal bags, got a sweet deal on Frostweave got loads of dust lying around

I am not making a lot of gold but I am using it to break even with all the investment into Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and the various levelling costs associated with having four level 80+ characters.

[PROGRESS – Got to keep swimming, swimming]
So I’m halfway through 83 and I really like the content so far that I have gone through on my Death Knight if I could give anyone about to start the 85 a tip it would be to try the underwater zone first NOT Hyjal that place is god awful and will destroy your will to level. Vashj’ir leaves you with a sense that you have achieved something at stages all through the questing I didn’t like the visions stuff much but that is only a small part of the questline. There is one issue with the underwater zone and that is getting used to finding the caves that serve as quest hubs. One particular cave took me 20 minutes to find the entrance to it, just one reason why you shouldn’t quest when you’re tired.

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