Saturday, December 12, 2009

Women and the cold cold night

The nights are indeed getting cold and as they are I find myself thinking about the ladies (not said like ladeeeeeeezzz) just the female species I guess. Lately I have been regularly trying to improve my social situation through some pre-dating attempts. I've been trying to organise some but have failed mightily it seems. Still you can't give up so we have to keep on going.

My fingers are cold too poor for central heating it seems which brings us to job searches. It gets a bit quiet onthe job front in December as if it was not already quiet enough. So job related rant of the post, applied online for Christmas jobs at a popular mobile phone shop went through registering on their site jumped all their hoops and what not, and what do I get no response whatsoever. Things should be more equal and people should not be made to feel like cannon fodder if I have to spend 15-20 mins to apply for a job and those are the short ones then people advertising the post should respond to those people who are qualified for the job even to say no you did not get it. That is what HR is for surely?

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