Friday, December 4, 2009

Been a long time

As the American holidays roll in like Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas, so then does a lot of what I consider to be quality TV takes a holiday with major US TV shows like Smallville, Heroes, V and the like. Of course you could say you still have top British TV like Merlin and Misfits to watch but it is not enough and let us face it Merlin is dire and Misfits is nothing special. I have been checking out Paradox on the Iplayer and that is ok I guess but I feel it is more thriller than science fiction which at first it seems to claim to be. There is also Spooks, which is pretty strong, this season and one of the few British programs I have seen that can never be described as predictable although it got rid of my favourite character.

As I write this scratching around for ideas I find myself watching tennis Philipoussis is playing if you are interested. The laptop I am writing on my original one is coughing and spluttering under the weight of the mighty Word 2k, which tells me, it is definitely on its last legs. Going to have to find myself a job soon recently my shoes failed which was a bit embarrassing to say the least.

To add to my list of silly mistakes guess who forgot to reup their World of Warcraft Gamecard, as soon as it came up saying you only have 1 minute left of game time I had a facepalm moment. Unfortunately the bills have been stacking up and they have to be paid first don’t need to be getting into serious debt problems again took me over 2 years to get out of the last ones and they caused nothing but pain and stress.

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