Monday, December 14, 2009

Here we are again folks

So I would say I’m a writer but not in such a way that I could derive a living from it or something. If you offered me a job writing for a manga/anime or video game magazine I would bite your hand off, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a niche for a magazine purely about American TV as a culture form not here in the UK at least I feel that there should be. So with time on my hands and a desperate need to keep the mind active lest it stop and I can never get it started again I write some stories and author some blogs like this.

As well as writing stories I also spend time on community style websites in the past you could always catch me on either writing up reviews for Smallville or endlessly complaining about the state of Heroes after the 1st season. Now I have moved on to the Starkville Forums specifically the Heroes episodic forums. I try to be insightful in my posts there and if I find something I dislike which does happen I try to explain why I don’t like it instead of just saying oh that is rubbish. So that was a little about me and writing check back sometime for more stuff.

[Edit: Random drunk girl started to hit on me while I was walking home. That sort of stuff never happens to me it was very strange, very strange indeed. Still it is nice to be noticed even if the person noticing you can't stand up straight.]

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