Friday, February 28, 2014

What Has Been Happening?

So I've been writing, I started a new story this time it is probably best described as a space adventure. Nothing like Mission Critical and horror of horrors I have decided to try writing in the first person. First impressions of that is it is very difficult and confusing but I write to get better.

Nothing has stirred on the job front in the last couple weeks which means no interviews on the horizon. That is as scary as it sounds but I have my application count up at 9 for this month and I am continuing to look ti is all I can do.

On the Seetec front things are slowly moving forward, just today I had a letter from ICE, Independent Case Examiner telling me about some letter they sent which I did not receive and apparently have done a turnaround and will consider my complaint to Seetec as I did get a final response from them which was worse than a joke.

Health stuff is a bit of a concern but hopefully I will get a doctor's appointment and move forward with that as it is going to take a lot of time and luck to sort out.

As you can see things are pretty quiet around here except for some new blog posts I have done so you feel free to check those out. My new blog is here comments are appreciated.

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