Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pretty Little Liars - Shadow Play

I surprised myself when I started seeing the advance previews of the black and white PLL episode I was instantly excited for it. I usually don’t go for gimmick episodes of shows because they can get a little silly and seem like a waste of a good episode. For instance don’t get me started on the Heroes episodes set in the future and the past which often went nowhere in the end or that Smallville episode that did it in the Noir style but made literally no sense.

Maybe that Smallville episode might have fared better if it had loyal Twitter fans getting behind the scenes pictures tweeted at them from the stars of the show but that was then and this is now, now seems to be working. The hype is one thing but how was the actual episode? Well that was pretty good too the key was that it was canon, part of the ongoing story that PLL fans have come to love and hate even if it took place mostly in Spencer’s drug addled brain.

The setting was great and this new world was easy to understand as all the essential connections were made, the nod to Emily and Paige being in the closet due to the era it is little things like that that make me love Pretty Little Liars. Mona looked amazing which is different from usual in my opinion as sometimes they seem to force too much makeup onto her.

Obviously this whole thing serves to let Spencer sort through her genius level intellect, though you might question her smarts given her recent run of depression, being committed and now hooked on prescription drugs. It is great to see a popular show do something a little different it doesn’t have to be a musical episode every single time it seems.

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