Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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So things have not been going great lately. This whole ongoing back and forth with Seetec is going to give me grey hair, it is most certainly denying me my fair share of regular sleep. Add to that the pushback I am getting at my Seetec interviews is not helping, apparently I am being stubborn and not cooperating. Not that my advisor can tell me in what way I am not cooperating so I find that hard to take seriously.

She also has this way of constantly questioning me which is unhelpful, mostly regarding interview feedback where I am sometimes described as serious, apparently she knows me so well that I must be failing to put my true personality across. There are a few things more condescending then someone who sees you once a month telling you about your own personality.

The back and forth argument with her pretty much starts with her saying "Smile more" and "You're not putting your personality forward during the interview" apparently there is this huge blindspot where serious people are incapable of working in an office but that is a subject for a different time and I have to move on or I will wind myself up.

In terms of the complaint I have sent it off to Indepenent Case Examiner they now have the full details but I have not heard from them in about a week or so I will chase it up because they didn't do a very good job explaining the timeframe. I will keep you informed. Something worth mentioning with Seetec and their complaint procedure is that their so called final complaint is sent back to the local Seetec branch to be dealt with.

So let us look at that let us say there was an issue with staff bullying you, which happened to me at Seetec when I was a part of the New Deal, if I made a complaint at the local level which would be unlikely in the first place as it was the local manager who was bullying me but if I did and she rejected it I would send it to the head office... only for her to be the one to reject it again ending the formal complaint process.

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