Thursday, January 17, 2013

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - Do you use a Banker Alt/Guild? When did you start doing that and why?


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Banker (CHECK) 

I in fact do both of these to help both my gold making and to generally keep my items from overwhelming me. It is hard to remember exactly when I made my first bank alt I am guessing it was either slightly before Wrath of the Lich King or very early on. I had always been told by the person who introduced me to WoW to keep everything white quality and above and after getting two characters to maximum level I decided to follow another one of his rules and use a banker. It seemed like a strange idea to me drag a level one from the starting area to whichever city is closest and park it there outside the AH but after awhile it made sense and after a couple of weeks of using it I would never go back. Before bank alts I was vendoring or destroying a lot of stuff which I didn’t really need to.

Personal Guild (CHECK)

I had been wanting to get a personal guild for awhile as once again my bags were getting too full to properly keep in any sort of order I finally bit the bullet and sat in Orgrimmar on my level 2 Blood Elf and spent the 3 evenings gathering the signatures (yeah it took THAT long even at 100g a signature for those who wanted it). The great thing about personal guilds is Tabs so I would probably recommend you leave getting one until you have a few thousand gold to spend on getting a few Tabs up and working.

I would recommend that anyone who is starting to take their gold making seriously whether to support other avenues or just to have gold to buy new shineys.

Why should I?

So depending on the size of your realm this might be a little bit of work, will it be worth it? Yes and let me tell you why.

If you’re playing with two or more max level characters you can easily find yourself with your bags full of seemingly rubbish items (especially since MOP dropped) sending off the none BOP stuff to an central alt makes staying on top of it easier.

If you’re on a limited time budget logging on few characters to manage your auctions on each of them can drain time better spent elsewhere like endless dailies for reputations. Send all that stuff to a central banker and they can manage the processes every two days instead of daily and you always know where to go should you spot the price of something jump and you can get in on the profits.

Final reason why is that with a central alt you can spoil them with fun clothes and accessories so you can strut around the Auction House looking like the player you are.

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