Monday, January 7, 2013

World Of Warcraft - BOOM HEADSHOT

So yes I am still playing World of Warcraft and at the moment and strangely enough having fun all thanks to levelling my hunter alt. Aren’t hunters grand? Mists of Pandaria definitely suits the hunter playstyle much more than say a Frost specced Death Knight which is how I did things on my main. The thing with DKs is that they are pretty good at staying alive UNTIL they pull too many mobs which is something that happens a lot in MOP to all classes nevermind a class and spec that depends on AOE to really throw down the damage.

Anyway I have got most of the Factions up to Revered now so that makes for less grinding hopefully which is especially good now that I am up to 89. I have decided to try at least to go PVP on this character but we will see how things work out.

Enough talk about alts let us talk about the AH

So the Darkmoon Faire is back in town and I for one have done my preparation with 8 decks ready. So that sounds promising right? Until you take a look at the prices for the Relics and notice that they have dropped by 50% in price if not more in some cases. That is compared to the last DMF not the prices between.
As of writing this I sold two of them for a little over 20k. A disappointing amount to be sure so it looks like I am going to have to hold onto them until after DMF and attempt to price gouge like a good little goblin.

The only thing that is really selling well for a decent profit is Living Steel and week by week I can see the profits going lower and lower. Gems on my server are a joke with no raws over 30g and only the cuts that take weeks to sell going north of 100g. Gold is a lot harder to come by in this expansion and not just because it is still early in the expansion.

What are you making your gold from?

What aspects of the game are you currently enjoying?

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