Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV POST: The US TV Off-Season Cometh

So MTV was running a competition/challenge via YouTube to get their Official Trailer for Teen Wolf Season  Two to 2 million hits. I have been checking back from time to time but slacked off recently busy with job chasing and fun with Diablo III installation problems. They recently hit their target and released the first 10 minutes of the new season on their website which strangely I could view even from the UK (albeit with a terrible framerate) I have presented it below from a friendly YouTube user.

Teen Wolf of course is not the only show with a mighty marketing mammoth behind it. True Blood is stepping things up with a series of posters and of course a trailer for the new season.

I don't know which one I will enjoy more. Teen Wolf was really good last season but too many shows trip up in the second season while True Blood's last season was absolutely woeful in my opinion and I can only hope this gets a lot better.

What shows are you waiting for in the Summer TV season?

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