Sunday, May 20, 2012

I was going to talk about Comic Con

Nope not any of the US based Comic Cons. I was going to write about the London MCM Expo because it sort of came up on me by surprise. While clearly not on the level of the US ones there is still more than enough star appeal to make it interesting.

With Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden from Teen Wolf which is about to start it's second season on MTV. They would have been my first stop there is also Raphael Sbarge from Once Upon A Time, not such a fan of that show but I do make an effort to watch it.

Seychelle Gabriel from Avatar but for the purpose of the appearance she will be promoting Falling Skies which to me was a disappointing show that somehow got a second season. Pascale Hutton will be there too and she was Abby Corrigan  on Sanctuary one of my favourite shows.

I was going to write all about that but then I decided to talk about something else. Yes again it is a job search post. I have come through on the other end of 3 job interviews in a month and not been lucky enough to find a position. Definitely a bit of a downer but even as I write this I am flicking between this post and another application for a role I would do well in.

Application now done so time to hope for the best and look for the next role. Wish me luck I certainly need it.

If you are heading to Comic Con London have a great time it looks EPIC.

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