Friday, May 18, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: If I Die by Rachel Vincent

This Review is part of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge run by Fiktshun

If I Die is the fifth book in the Soul Screamers and is written by Rachel Vincent. It was published by Mira Ink on the 3rd of February 2012. This book review is part of the Soul Screamers Challenge. I purchased this book myself.


Kaylee can see death coming. But how will she face her own? Teen banshee Kaylee and her friends have barely recovered from the violent chaos unleashed the last time their school was invaded by Netherworld entities when she receives the news she's top of a reaper's list and scheduled to die within days!

But contemplating her own impending demise will have to wait, when it is revealed that new maths teach Mr. Beck is an incubus who has just come into his once-a century fertile period. And he’s looking for a few healthy young girls capable of carrying a non-human infant to full term and Kaylee s mortal best friend Emma fits the bill perfectly. But as Kaylee fights to save her female classmates, her dark fate is closing in.

And as Kaylee’s borrowed lifeline nears its end, and the men who love her will do anything to save her life. Even if it costs their own...


This proved to be a huge game changer in more ways than one. While My Soul to Steal was a frustrating read for me with so Nash and Kaylee seemingly making the same mistakes all over again despite past experiences .

Soul Screamers was always a series that had it dark parts most notably for me at least in the prequel which scared the heck right out of me. This book for me at least is the next scariest instalment, it is one of those that make you stop mid-sentence just to say “Eww that is just WRONG”.

If I Die is the beginning of a change in the series and I couldn’t be happier, I’ve never thought of Kaylee as being weak just as someone who was rather impulsive for the most part but in this instalment of Soul Screamers we see how strong a young woman she truly is and it is inspiring. To face what she is facing and somehow put it to the back of her mind to help her friends even while fighting with yet another supernatural being shows how much heart she has.

At the end of If I Die I knew my relationship with the series had fundamentally changed it went from my initial feeling of liking Kaylee’s friends and not understanding her motivation through the first four books to finally thinking that I could fully understand why she makes the decisions she does. This made me so much more excited about the follow ups to this book. I know I am probably in the minority of fans who felt this way but surely there is room for us all. Anyway for now wake me on the 6th of July for “Before I wake”. I’m sure I will see you there.

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