Thursday, January 12, 2012

BOOKS - Happy January

I hope you guys are having a good January mine is not too bad. Just wanted to let you know about some things on the horizon. First of all I am working on a few book reviews some of which are already done, and some of them will be appearing in some book review blogs. I have done book reviews in the past and I guess I will have to keep at it until I can sort out my writing issues. I do like sharing my love of YA Fiction with my readers and others plus I think reviewing these books from a male perspective can’t help.

Just keep an eye on my blog and I will post links when any new reviews go up.
Also as you are here I might as well share what books I have been devouring lately no reviews just a quick sketch to give you an idea.

Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Urban YA)
4 young teenage girls get supernatural powers from their temporary tattoos. Oh and then they get to fight against a supernatural being of godly power.

Weapons of Choice by John Birmingham (Science Fiction)
What would happen if a futuristic navel fleet is sent back in time to the beginning of the Second World War? How would it affect the timeline to the present and beyond. How would the people from that era deal with people from the near future.

Two very different books but both very entertaining might be worth you checking out

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