Sunday, January 1, 2012

World of Warcraft - Update

Holy Cow I just got a personal guild bank as some bank alt wanted to get rid of theirs. Sort of annoying in that I had spent this week touting to get signatures for a guild charter I had already purchased. The Guild Name I have got now is a bit weird but it is not rude so I will stick with it for now. It is just a handy place to send off all the leather and ore I get on my main. That main on the new server is a DK which I am proud to say is at 84 and about a third of the way in.

In terms of gold generation things have not been going too bad. I already have epic flying on my DK and had made another 4k until I spent most of it on heirlooms for my priest which I hope to be the next to level to 85 though common sense that will take a little longer than it did with the DK. Though I hope to get there faster with a full set of heirlooms though I have not even started the Darkmoon Faire stuff due to not having a level 85 or any game time when it came out.

I have been slowly grinding away at the old honor and justice point managed to get 8k for season honor though most of it must have been from the previous season. I need to keep grinding away at the PVP to supplement the heirloom purchases even to fill out one character type with head, shoulders, cloak, weapon, chest and legs is going to take awhile. Then I get to do it over and over again oh joy.

When I hit 85 I will write another post on the quest to get high enough to use LFR and the shenanighans involved when I actually get into the raid. Have a good 2012 and don't drink too much.

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