Saturday, December 3, 2011

General Entertainment Roundup

This time of the year from around the middle of November until February or even later in some cases when US TV in particular goes into a form of recess. The mid-season break as they call it when all the shows close down for winter, all the fun stuff Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Secret Circle (pretty meh), Chuck and Glee (though it does have a lot of other breaks). I am taking this time to discuss what has really impressed me as now I have time as there isn't half a dozen TV shows queued up for me to check out and absorb. The stand out show which I ended up coming pretty late to is what I will be talking about first then to a manga and then maybe squeeze in a film or two.

The break out hit so far it seems. First heard about it properly from Cash Peters but was hearing things here and there. It is a re-imagining of the Count of Monte Cristo with a young damaged girl taking over the lead. Just a great and gripping show that at first you might think is a little dry but give it time it will grow on you.

Ichigo 100% (You might know it as Strawberry 100 or 100%) is the story of a high schooler with both hopeless luck with women and an uncanny knack to attract the interests of them. The manga follows his hilarious misadventures and the trouble he gets into along with introducing a host of characters that are his friends and some his would be lovers. It is a frustrating read though I will warn you as time after time you think to yourself why is this guy that stupid or why can he not just come out and say he likes one girl or another but I find solace in the other stories within the manga such as the growth of the female love interests or just the school based stuff. I would recommend it as a good read, beware it has over 100 issues to get through until the end.

It has been maybe a couple of years since I have watched any Bollywood films I tried to get back into them but I generally tend to look around for the more action ones. So when one came around about a superhero I figured it would be worth a watch. Ra One is an interesting premise it is a superhero movie but in the same way that say Hancock  is a superhero film, with a lot of comedy thrown in.

I liked it sure the comedy was a bit over the top but you learn to accept that with Bollywood films. The actresses as always are stunningly beautiful I really liked Sara I think it was one of the fellow programmers that worked on the Ra One game but unfortunately she did not make it into the second half of the film when the location changes.

Overall Ra One is a good film but not the total package that films like Dhoom 2 or Don the remake were in my view.

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