Monday, December 12, 2011

World of Warcraft - ENFORCED VACATION

So 4.3 finally dropped and I'm left out in the cold due to financial difficulties. Totally sucks but I have been spending some time looking at the usual information and gold making sites finding out information. Of course a lot of information was available pre-patch day but such things are often subject to change like prices and what not. Also I was looking forward to finishing up the levelling process on my new Death Knight.

If you guys didn't know I had decided to try moving from my current realm to a new one Auchindoun EU. My current realm which has never been the highest quality but it has suffered badly since the Wrath hangover which resulted in a lot of the hardcore raid guilds transferring away and everything just going to hell in a hand basket. Add to that all the friends I had made since starting WoW have all gone off to different servers or left World of Warcraft altogether.

Unfortunately I won't be getting back to WoW until Christmas Eve at the earliest but then it will be an all out race to get to 85 and then establish myself on the new realm hopefully doing things like sorting out my own guild bank and generally starting to show my goblin side and amass some gold, I managed 30k on my old realm but that was after a lot of alts allowing access to all professions so I don't know what sort of goal I should set for say the beginning of February but you might see that if a new post later in if I remember. The next gold goal though is the 4.5k or whatever it is for 310% speed on my DK.

How has your Patch 4.3 been?  Is it the beginning of the end or just a taster of awesomeness to come. Comments welcome.

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