Saturday, November 12, 2011

So this is me

So it has been awhile indeed since I've posted which is a shame but things have been getting on top of me. It appears my days as a member of the employed are numbered, it sucks but it was to be expected when taking over a maternity cover role and the positives are that I've been doing well in my current role and should get a nice reference plus being in regular employment over the past few months definitely pumps up the CV.

Still on the jobs front things are a bit thin on the ground. Add to that most of the jobs I'm looking at require 4-5 hours of commuting and things look even more bleak. I mean this is crazy I live in the UK not the back of beyond it should be reasonable to at least see job roles at my level that could actually cover the cost of living in a fairly deprived town in the county but the prices for rent and council tax make that all but impossible.

I hate to sit here and write an endless procession of depression observations on living here but sometimes it just gets to me. If it isn't the crazy and/or drunk people having the weekly argument in the parking lot downstairs or the random fire engine appearance to the apartment complex that happens maybe every 6 weeks or so it is the sketchy as hell people greeting me on my way in and out asking if I can get them drugs.

Enough with the negativity.

Been writing which was nice not a lot but I will be happy with writing little bits and often if at all possible especially with the possibility of having a whole lot more free time soon. I shouldn't leave trying to write fresh stories until NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) because something is always going to get in the way, this time it was serious illness. Although I probably won't be hitting the 50,000 mark I hope that I can get at least the beginnings of a story that might be compelling enough for me to go back to in the future.

Hmm the social front.

On the social front there is mostly tumble weeds and sand blowing through a featureless landscape. There is nothing going on in that direction so I find myself having to funnel energy into other endeavours like job applications, blogging on this and my other sites and just keeping up with existing friends and contacts. Oh and trying to stay sane that requires a decent amount of work too.

So that is enough from me we will close with some books.

I recently read Soul Screamers 2 which was a bit of a disappointment after the great start of the first novel and the truly scary prequel. This one just went downhill for me with a lot of things that could have explained away or dealt with far easier than the hoops the characters jump through to keep the plot moving forward.

At the moment I'm reading Last Breath by Rachel Caine which is a great addition to Morganville Vampires series.

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