Monday, September 12, 2011


This week including Vampire Diaries and the new show Secret Circle (both based on books written by LJ Smith). Also Eureka is back with an episode as is Alphas (congrats to them on getting a second season). As a keen US show watcher I am happy to be getting back into the main season of TV. I'll give my thoughts on the new and returning shows as I get to check them out.

Just watched the True Blood Finale (SPOILERS SO BEWARE)

I expected so much more to be honest I prefer the previous week's episode far more. There were the cutesy moments between Jason and Jessica and the totally hot Jessica moment which was definitely an interesting form of fan service. I was bored of Marnie before and I was certainly bored watching it this episode. The Terry stuff might be interesting or it might be a pile of crap waiting to stink up next season, also that whole Andy and the Faerie thing is going to annoy me if I think about it.

Last time I spent so much time considering what the new season of True Blood will be like, this time I don't think I am going to expend anywhere near the same energy. Is Jessica still in it? Check. Well then I'm pretty good to go there will be Sookie going back and forth over her two undead love interests and Bill being all pensive and brooding though I will give it to them that this season they decided to give Bill his balls back.

So in the end this season of True Blood was like many shows I liked parts of it and didn't like the others but I definitely want to see it around next year and the year after that the show has sucked me in.

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