Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Rooks and Castles

So I'm a fan of Castle, no not just of Nathan Fillion in fact I hadn't caught Firefly until after watching the first season of Castle. I will freely admit he is a charismatic guy and the character of Richard Castle is enigmatic and totally that guy who you wished was your friend. For those who don't know Castle is the show about an eccentric and successful writer Richard Castle who uses his friendship with the Mayor to get a ride along with an elite NYC Detective Squad on which he is basing his new lead character.

The name of that character is Nikki Heat and hence queue up book titles with a heat theme. The crazy thing is that the novels by Richard Castle are available to us the viewers of Castle in a genius bit of cross marketing by ABC, also there are the graphic novels featuring Derrick Storm on the horizon by the sound of it.

UPDATE: As I've been slacking with my blogging I managed to catch a second Castle episode even though this was started after the first. This was a great episode really getting back to the 1st season vibe before we got serious and the all the will-they-won't-they stuff went a bit over board. Interesting that they went for the Marvel comics as an inspiration though given it is ABC which is a part of Disney which owns DC now.

I have also listened to the first Nikki Heat book by Richard Castle, and I have to say I loved it. I've seen some bad reviews of it but I feel that if you enjoy Castle and can stand reading as an enjoyable activity then go for it.

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