Sunday, August 14, 2011

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS - Some Releases this year

So we have already had some good releases this year with a new Sookie Stackhouse Novel and the much anticipated "A Dance with Dragons". However there are still more great books on the horizon this year and I will discuss a couple of them.

BLOODLINES by Richelle Mead

Rose Hathaway and the Vampire Academy series are a pretty big deal. This is the first spinoff from this series and it is being released later this month. I really enjoyed the Vampire Academy series all about a secret world of vampires, their protectors and their enemies. We learn about their schools were they train their young nobles and the half vampire protectors who will lay their life down to protect them.

Yes the series is a little girly perhaps but there is more than enough action to keep even the most opposed to chick lit happy, as well as that the politics and the lore of learning about the hidden vampire world.

I am especially looking forward to Bloodlines because although I really loved Vampire Academy I really didn't like Rose Hathaway the main character of the series but thankfully the people around her were so well imagined it was easy to stay in the series for their sake. Now I have a book were those characters are the main ones and Rose might appear in a few scenes so I'm more than happy.

SON OF NEPTUNE by Rick Riordan

Remember Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief probably one of the first YA fantasy books to follow on the heels of the popularity of Harry Potter in getting a big screen adaption. Things have gone a bit quiet on the movie releases front since then but the Percy Jackson series is a strong series as one of the few popular YA book series I have tracked down that is targeted primarily at boys.

This book will be released in October and I can't wait.

So these are two of the books I am looking forward to. Maybe next time I might discuss a couple more.

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