Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Mixed Bag

World of Warcraft

So the Shattering has finally come to World of Warcraft and I finally managed to log in late this afternoon after dealing with some I had to do outside of Azeroth. First impressions there is so much to take in all the changes to Orgrimmar for instance. Plus as personal anecdote the fun of getting your freshly level 68 Hunter from Nagrand back to a City. Hmm no portals in Shattrath what fun, eventually flew all the way to The Dark Portal and discovered the portals there that they use for reinforcements now work (did they before?). I didn't have any time to prepare some bags for my two new alts on my main realm.

Got some new ideas on things to be getting on with, now for instance it is much easier for my Paladin to finish out her Crusader grind with the new Tabard system and somehow I expect especially given the number of Trikes I have seen around today I guess you can go to lower level dungeons and still get rep. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chance to try out at least one of my alts might go with the BE Warrior first as I know what I am doing.

Anyway also I recently had a second post of mine appearing on the newly revamped Just Another Goblin Community Blog which was a proud moment for me I hope that you the readers found it at least somewhat useful.

At the moment I have two books on the go. At night to calm myself down (issues with ongoing pain and insomnia) I am working my way through Night Star by Alyson Noel the latest installment of The Immortals. I love the series but Ever annoys me like I am finding a lot of the female leads of the YA stuff I read don't even get me started on one Rose Hathaway. Anyway I digress the other book I am reading is Violets are Blue by James Patterson. I'm a huge fan I started with Double Cross so I have been picking up earlier editions as there is a deal at the local covered market where you can pick up 3 for £5 which is pretty sweet. The books just seem to get better and better really immersing you in the world of Washington showing all those places they don't mention in the tourism brochures.

Just in case you were interested books I have recently read include The Lost Hero, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Keep your eye on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory I have written a review of The Lost Hero which will appear in 3 weeks time, I like the blog and they have reviewed books from some of my favourite series namely Morganville Vampires, House of Night and The Immortals.

I recently took the plunge to ensure my continued Internet connection, yes I am getting a fixed landline a pricey option you may point out which is very true but recently I found out that BT dropped their installation cost from £128 to £30 which I think you will agree is some decent savings right? I will not be signing up for Broadband with them though and I would point others away from their rip off deal. A 10GB limit which may sound like a lot but really isn't you'd be surprised how much crap Windows downloads in the background while you aren't paying attention. Add that to an online game like World of Warcraft (which I play if you hadn't noticed =)  ) and you'll soon be way over your limit and getting fined. I am going for Sky Broadband though I am not recommending it yet till I have actually experienced it.

So that is all from me for now as I sit here watching the latest UK episode of The Event, entertaining enough not sure how it has not been cancelled already though.

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