Friday, May 7, 2010

Burned, No Money and other stuff

So it is here and it is so very good. I am so hooked into this series it could hurt. I do however tend to agree that the first three books were the best I think maybe the structure of school life mixed in with the paranormal kept you coming back for more. The other books do it as well but I find myself longing for the days when they head back to the House of Night proper if those days ever return which to me seems by no means certain.

I had my birthday recently without it to be fair I would have had some issues trying to pick up my copy of Burned but showing off my total inability to manage finances I managed to waste a decent amount of birthday money which should have been better placed to dealing with my debt or putting away for a rainy day. I am too old to be so silly about money I am an adult and I should know better I have responsibilities.

Money leads into work which is pretty scarce on the ground, motivation is hard but I have some job centre thing coming up (On election day) but the last one I went to served to be more of a de-motivator than anything else so I can’t say I have my hopes up regarding the interview or whatever it is. I dunno I need to have a chat with my buds about this maybe they can help me out a bit at least to stay focused.

Even though you wouldn’t think from the incredibly variable weather recently (blame the Icelanders I say) I have my own internal system pointing to the rapid approach of summer. Yep all of a sudden I find myself with a hunger and need that seems more appropriate to the newly resurrected red vampyres of house of night fame. Although in my case I speak of lust itself as opposed to bloodlust and violence, though there is nothing wrong with that I suppose. As I pretty much daily walk the streets of my town (I live alone so it is nice to at least see the occasional other person) and I find my eyes flitting from woman to woman admiring this and that.

I’m not particularly sex crazed I don’t think but it tends to be around now I find myself thinking about how nice a girlfriend might be a little more often than I might usually let my mind wander to that particular subject. Before I can truly try to find someone I need to sort out some issues health and otherwise with myself before I take that step.

Anyway I think I have shared enough.

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