Friday, April 30, 2010


So recently I have been thinking about religion. Not the main ones but those ones that might be described as more specialist like Jedi. Now those of you that are familiar with the House of Night Series with which I am currently obsessed with will know of the Goddess Nyx and the religion woven around her. I was instantly engaged by it and the way it identifies the five elements (Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit) in case you were wondering, the religious ideals are interesting even without the more supernatural aspects of what the story brings us like affinities and the appearance of Nyx towards her most important followers.

Can I convert?

So today was a get stuff done kind of day so yours truly was out and about paying bills, doing some light snack shopping and also checking to see if Burned - the new HON novel was available at my local WH Smiths which is wasn't, EPIC FAIL. Though in some HON related promotions they were offering the first book of the HON series Marked with the upcoming Twilight book.

Now I'm at home enjoying my days off from raiding with my new guild ver at Shattered Balls EU - World of Warcraft. Pop in and say hello sometime :o)

That is enough from me I need to do some job searches.

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