Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So it's official Heroes is gone gone gone. With the only chance of redemption a one off finale to wrap things up. So Heroes goes the way of Dollhouse, Firefly, Threshold et al. I don't agree with NBC's decision especially after seeing the rather meagre planned replacements. Obviously Heroes wasn't perfect except for most of the 1st season the only problem being Sylar surviving at the end which you might argue is property of Season Two. A bizarre season two coupled with the Writers Strike really did it for Heroes in the end, after all that stuff was resolved the audiences had already made up their minds that Heroes was a sinking ship.

UPDATE: Just read Kring's statement, it was very brief and not all that specific suggesting that Heroes might continue on in some fashion, maybe the Graphic Novels but then why the hell should their continuity matter now? At lease Kring had a pop at NBC talking about Heroes international viewership of 45 million while mentioning NBC's failure to deal with measuring the success of the show.

Nielsen ratings SUCK no one watches TV on time anymore.

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