Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Regular service may be returning soon.

Internet problems and lack of paying bills in a timely manner has meant that the blog has been more than a bit sparse lately but fear not though I could not always post in a timely manner when the news became interesting enough or I spied an interesting conspiracy theory I took notes knowing that eventually when my net connection improved they would be appearing here.
Things such as the Russia – Georgia Situation
The possibility of the end of Free Internet
China, The Olympics and Protests
You know however that this blog is not just about world news I also talk about entertainment mainly in the form of US and Japanese shows. I also talk about books and at the moment the book most in my thoughts has been Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meier so there may be a review or at least a small editorial about it.So keep an eye out for things to come and please let me apologise for the lack of activity recently.

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