Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So Far Away

Employment looms big in the current financial chaos of the world. While we may not all agree on what caused it, rubbish governments, financial market speculation or just bad decision making by banks and customers around credit things are getting harder.

Even your humble blogger has been affected - well sort of. I was unemployed before this really blew and still am now. I tell you now I would very much rather be on the other side. In fact I have been out of work long enough according to the government that I really should take anything thrown at me and to help me on my way they told me to take out a 12 week work placement with an employer. Sounds interesting it gets more interesting when you start looking at all the details.

Apparently it must be local because they will pay your transport, GREAT so if like me you live in a town not renowned for its employment opportunities you are perhaps disadvantaged. If your ideal job role is administrative then my friend you are about to be violated I am afraid.

A gripe I had was I managed to set up a work placement all by myself in a week, a WEEK which would have actually would have improved my CV (which is very nice thank you) but no it would have cost them too much so I get sent to an unnamed department store for "clerical" which turns out to be me doing nothing but manual labour which will prove a great addition to my CV. (Can you get the sarcasm I'm not a great writer yet so I have to drop hints).

Anyway it is good to be back people and I want to hang around this time.

Happy stuff, Burn Notice is back and still smoking EXCELLENT people. Apparently Heroes is doing a Lost as in showing US/UK at basically the same time which I think you will agree is damn impressive especially as it will be on a Terrestrial channel i.e. the kind people in the UK get for free, if you forget that whole TV licence charge you can't get away from.

Peace OUT

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