Friday, April 18, 2008

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Magibon in Japan!

Yes yes thanks to the magibonfan blog for this information, which seems pretty accurate after checking out the footage. That video is here not sure how long it will be there though. Magibon more than most seem to generate a whole lot of derision and criticism, her videos are weird so I can partly understand some of it but a lot of it is just the same nasty remarks you always get on youtube videos with more than about 5 comments but with her it just goes on and on.

From my initial research, which I may have mentioned before it, seems she was part of an anime based forum community and fell out with them. I have no idea why Magibon has got so big so fast or well I have a couple of ideas, she is as cute as your average anime girl with hmm lets just say a great body so that must help.


There have been some more terror convictions today including Abu Izzadeen, the muslim preacher who came to prominence in 2004 when he heckled Home Secretary John Reid has been convicted of terrorist fundraising and enciting terrorism overseas. For me it does make me wonder, all these new terror laws in my opinion effectively take one look at Free Speech before blowing its face off with a sawn off shotgun at close range. It seems that in the UK we have a problem with anything remotely to do with government or society at large that things have to go one way and not the other. Taxes MUST go up, like the tax rates on alcohol, fuel and council tax. Laws must be tightened and never ever relaxed, we need more CCTV cameras and speed cameras and we must be able to lock up people without charge for longer.

Let me tell you what I need more of, MORE DEMOCRACY, that doesn’t mean more pointless votes in almost empty chambers in parliament but more talking to people on the street, MORE real information and less of this SPIN that allows the media to lead the majority of the public around by the nose, immigration anyone there is so much bullshit slung around by both sides of the argument here we might as well be living on a pig farm. Anyway enough of a rant onto the next story.

Iran and the sailors
Do you remember way back when those sailors were picked up because they were supposedly on the wrong side of the waters between Iran and Iraq. Do you recall for awhile there it really looked like things were about to go into full ass kicking gun shooting mode? Well you also recall it didn’t and in the end we had soldiers selling stories which did not go down well and it seemingly ended there. Strangely enough after hearing this on BBC FiveLive for like 2 minutes a search of the BBC news websites reveals nothing but then to be fair that site has never been the easiest to search through for specific stories unless they are the absolute headlines.


A bad joke. If you are the world affairs/political type then you know about Zimbabwe and the election that never was. Unfortunately the UK and aftermath of colonialism means thatthings don’t always run smoothly and even those with noble intentions can be seduced by power. I do not believe that Mugabe was the way he is now when he was first leading an independent and vibrant Zimbabwe and I can even understand that the UK does not want to intervene due to its past connections. However once you set the line by joining up with the American idea of righting wrongs wherever you view them, after all Iraq certainly wasn’t about oil and we sort of proved that it was not about immediate danger from phantom weapons so it must have been about increasing democracy so lets go spread some more democracy now.


Another bad joke and another reason why I ended my love affair with the Olympics. First off why do we have Chinese security types running through the streets of London last time I checked we pay taxes so we can have our own police and what not to take care of things in our own damn country it is an insult to say we could not take care of it ourselves and I believe it helped to make the protests worse than they otherwise might have been. To stand by an allow China with its human rights record to hold the Olympics is just insane, INSANE. We go to Afghanistan and Iraq accuse Iraq of working with Al Qaeda with no proof, yet we all remember the videos of the horror seen at Tiananmen Square if that is not worth a few precision guided American missiles I don’t know what is.

For all those sports stars who want to keep politics out of sport they must have missed the UK based commercials from our last election, which basically said politics is everything. Also look at Apratheid and what the UK did then apparently now that we are hosting the Olympics after them and might lose some money we suddenly don’t mind tyrannical and oppressive regimes. I always thought the UK was a place that had integrity I was wrong.

Damn I am all ranted out and I did not get a chance to talk about Throttling the Internet which Sexy Phil pointed me too. Check his video for details.

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