Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and other stuff

Now I have some experience of Hurricanes having lived for 10 years in the Caribbean I know how destructive they can be. It is a shame then that the deaths in Cuba and Haiti (which no one in the UK seems to know how to pronounce) are only shown as evidence of the danger to America and not as the tragedy in its own right. I know there is little reason going off on one about the little people being forgotten in the news but it would have been nice to be able to know a little more about what Gustav did in the rest of the Caribbean. You never would think that a sizeable minority within the UK indeed Europe have ties to the Caribbean and may want to know but no lets hear about how the Americans are preparing. Anyway I am going to get information from the source and send out some e-mails to people still in Antigua to see if they were affected and how badly, then I will share it with you the few who check this blog occaisonally.

I need to find some more alternative news sites to get some information from though I do listen to a Jamaican radio station that also broadcasts online could not find any Antiguan ones that did.

CNN's coverage

Don't worry should be posting again soon.

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