Monday, March 17, 2008

Sorry but I am back now

I know I have been away for a time but something HUGE came up so it was taking all my time. Over the next few weeks I will be moving so as you can imagine that is a source of stress. No phone line WHAT! Indeed so not sure when the next time you will be hearing from me will be. Anyway enough about my problems lets get to a few news stories that I find interesting.

UK oath of allegiance
(See it at

Lord Goldsmith has written up plans for school children to swear allegiance to the queen to promote a sense of British culture. This has been big on Radio Five Live, which is all I listen to radio wise. If Radio Five is a reasonable reflection of the public then the public is not wholly behind the idea. Indeed it seems the most contentious issue is swearing allegiance to the Queen and I tend to agree, the country please and the not the outdated idea of the monarchy. I heard the allegiance for new citizens which mentions democracy and being a loyal subject all in the same paragraph. Also the Scottish Government are going nuts about it so that should prove interesting.

YOUTUBE review
Too much time on my hands means that I am forever having a look around to see what is to be seen on YouTube and these are the channels I think are pretty good.


Making education sexy saw this totally by accident as a result of looking at the next person on the list. You can look at this one of two ways of course I prefer the good way which encourages men and women who have never looked at education before to give it a shot.

The Phillip DeFranco show which in fact is a guy Vlogging about various news stories of the week. This is more than its description my first lead you to believe it is definitely worth taking a look at. This guy is funny and at ease in front of the camera, yes he brings his own views but he does not shove it down our throats.

Anyway that is enough from me might be again away for awhile subject to Internet access at the new place but I won’t be of for too long I couldn’t stand it.

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