Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shafts Word

YouTube Video of the Year

Hands down. Hands down. This video sums it up for me shows the best part of YouTube and talks about some of the worst parts of being a YouTuber. I don’t even usually watch FiveAwesomeGirls but I know people who watch it obsessively and I recognised the young lady and clicked because she was on the videos being watched right now animated thingy and I was glad I did.

TV Trauma
Hmm I like that name might have to make me a logo for that.

Kyle XY

The one show to keep it real and go 23 episodes in this rather messed up TV season, very strange especially when you think the first season was like 10 or 12 episodes and the third season is being reported to be a half season of 10 episodes. It has never failed to keep me entertained for a single episode. I think the acting too has stepped up to the next level where in the past it was a little wooden from time to time which is understandable if you have to play a teenager who doesn’t even know what emotions are.

Died and then came back while the first 2 episodes were strong I was not so sure about episode 4 and it got me back into my old habit of leaving Jericho episodes till the end of the week after watching all the other things I like to look at from around the world. It is getting better though, it is good to see the Mayor back in town.

Music news
Leona Lewis Number One in the US who’d have thunk it. I think it is very impressive even if I am not a fan of the show that spawned her success, lets just hope she does better than Robbie did over there.

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